I'm very blessed to have met Ms. Cranford over 10 years ago. She was my mentor beginning at the Boys & Girls Club and continues to be a part of my life. I have gained knowledge, style, and a big supporter. She has also shown me how important it is to have a relationship with God. She kept me involved and every chance she got she invited me to church. It's so important to have someone you look up to and admire. She's that person for me. I hope to teach someone else what she's taught me.

A week after meeting her she became my softball coach. As a mentor she gave me hope, and she made feel like there was a purpose at Paine College. She taught me to be a leader, and only follow when being lead in the right direction. She always told me never to give up, and to always fight until the end. It's okay to lose when you've given your all because someone has to lose. She has taught me to always start with my priorities and everything else follows. She is an amazing woman inside and out!

During my time at Paine I was able to witness Ms. Cranford become role models to many, impacting lives through her dynamic speaking at many different events on and off campus. Her hard work, dedication, and faith encouraged me to do more; be more involved on campus and the community. She stressed the importance of networking with people and stepping outside of the norm, go after your dreams, live your life, but also keep a prayer life because your connection with God is the key to success.

Ms. Cranford has helped me personally, professionally, and spiritually. She has always been a mentor to me when it came to needing college advice, career advice, and relationship advice. She volunteered as an assistant softball coach for Paine College and was a positive influence to the team. Professionally Ms. Cranford gave me the opportunity to work for the Augusta Nationals as well as an opportunity to intern for DCSS. Spiritually, she introduced us to her church where I still attend.

Ms. Cranford has inspired me to be the best as I can be as a professional. She exemplified qualities of a natural born leader and continues to uplift others. She embodies the characteristics of a true Queen that women should model after. Spiritually, she is unlike any other woman of God. What makes her unique and different from other women is that she uses the word of God to transpire not only herself but others around her. She truly is Wonder Woman.

Having Ms. AlaTorya Cranford as a mentor has been a blessing to my life. When I felt like giving up on finishing school she told me that I can do it. If I ever need to talk to someone she is there to give me her advice which I greatly appreciate. She is helping me find out who I am and to love myself as I am because God loves me no matter what I do or say. Ms. Cranford is all about helping others and making a difference in their lives.

I met her when she became the Paine College assistant softball coach and boy, am I glad I did! Through the years, she taught me how to become a better teammate, student, leader, friend, and woman of God. She instilled in me things that I'll cherish forever. She was there to help you, not hurt you. Because of her, I found a church home while away from home. Drawing young people closer to God was and is something that made me look up to her. Phenomenal is one word that definitely describes her.

I admire how Ms. Cranford presents herself with such poise and grace. She has such an amazing character. She has such a positive influence on students in every way. She always looks out on our behalf whether it's praying for us, giving words of encouragement, influencing us to get more involved in school activities, or telling us about jobs and internship opportunities. Countless times, I have witnessed her put her work on the side in order to help her students. She has such a beautiful soul.

She is always supportive, always a listening ear. Her Love for everyone has been unconditional; she's become a role model to so many people! I'm so grateful to her for holding me to a higher standard during my position as Miss Paine College. In moments when I wanted to slack, she'd encourage me to take the higher road. She is the epitome of perseverance, strength, dignity, style and grace! There's a hidden treasure in Ala'Torya and as she progresses the more her light shines for all to see.